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At Treehotel you can experience the charm of all four seasons, regardless of whether you like speed and adventure, or tranquility and time for reflection.

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Guided Tour of Treehotel

Curious about the Treehotel? Join one of our guided tours where we tell the whole story of how Treehotel became a reality. You can also follow the...
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Full-day Hike in Korgen Nature Reserve

In a protected area with steep cliffs, lichen-filled trees and tranquil lakes waits a beautiful hike up and down forest hills. The climb up will...
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Forest hike

At Treehotel, the forest is literally on your doorstep. Explore the forestland of Swedish Lapland together with an experienced guide who will tell...
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Experience an exciting day by mountain bike in the northern forests. There are many fine trails around the Luleå River. And with our...
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White Water Rafting

Our guides welcomes you at the start point in the river in Råne or Kalix river depending on season and water levels. We equip you with...
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Sea Kayaking in Lule River

After thorough security and equipment instructions, you head down to the river. Together with an experienced guide, you’ll paddle at a...
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The Tree Sauna

Steam bath offers both relaxation and stimulation for philosophical thoughts and ideas.
  • Small tree sauna for 1-4...
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Moose Safari

We go by car on forest roads in the area around Harads to search for the “king of beasts”. If we’re lucky we will also see other...
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Zip Line

Treehotel Zipline a 350 meter adrenaline experience between six platforms 9 meters above ground. Zipline is a ropeway where you are strapped in on...
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Visit the forest Sami and the Arctic Circle

A visit to the Forest Sami Eriksson family in Flakaberg is a journey which indulges all of the senses. Lars, who is a great storyteller, will tell...
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Explore the Taiga Forest by Fat bike

Fatbike is like a mountain bike but with balloon tires that makes it easier to bike on soft surfaces. And much more fun since you reach areas you...
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Northern Light Photography

Come with one of our skilled photographers and photograph the northern lights. The skies begin to flame as early as September and the lights can...
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Experience Western Riding

During the year’s snow-free months, we ride through the forest . We’ll experience the unique nature and the wonderful views. Our calm...
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The stately Storfosen

Come with us to the stately Storforsen, one of the highest unrestricted white-water rapids in Europe. Let yourself be carried away by the...
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Horse Riding

We’ll experience the unique nature and the wonderful views. Our calm horses will carry us at changing tempos. During the 3h trip,...
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Evening Fishing on the Lule River

Our guide picks you up at Treehotel around 20:00 to start the tour. On this tour we’ll fish from the shore of the Lule River with a spinning...
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Make your own pizza

Make your own pizza in our stone oven among lighted candles. Our staff will help you get going and then you will have the evening all by yourself....
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Bear Dinner with sami story

The bear has always been a sacred animal for the Swedish natives, associated with rites and traditions. In the glow of the fire you will...
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Bear spotting in midnight sun

According to old folk tales, the bear awakens and leaves its den around Tiburtius Day in mid-April. We serve the bears breakfast, in one of the...
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Elk calling in bear country

An alluring adventure with the King of the Forest and the Elk Whisperer. Our guide has approximately 30 years of calling experience and is able to...
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Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Photography in the Taiga Starting at Treehotel we take the car to find the best photo locations for...
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Forest spa - Sauna/Relax package incl. Jacuzzi

  • Period: Year around
  • Price: 2 hours 650 SEK / person (300 SEK/child)
  • Includes sauna, hot-tub, local snacks,...
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At 10 meters, high up in a tree, you will taste a special 3 course dinner inspired by forest flavors. Protected against the mosquitos thanks to...
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Mounted archery

Master the bow and arrow on horseback. Start with exercises to target from ground further on horseback.
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Family Fun - Summer/Autumn/Spring

  • Activity length: 2,5 hours
  • Period: May-October
  • Level: Easy
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Action-packed dog sled tour

A tour with dog and sled through the pristine forest and over the frozen river provides a dream-like feeling. You’re side by side with...
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Speedy skijoring (horse-pulled skiing)

Are you looking for a challenge? Test your balance on a pair of horse-pulled skis or bobsleigh and experience the speed and excitement!...
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Ice Dining

A beautiful and exciting activity in the moonlight with the chance to see the Northern lights. The evening is lit by torches and candles while we...
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Ice fishing on Snowshoes or Skis

On snow shoes or skis you will make your way to places that would otherwise be difficult to reach in the deep snow. During this tour you will also...
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Snowshoe walk

Experience the thrill of walking on soft, metre-deep snow in our beautiful winter landscape, with the help of snow shoes. See the animal tracks in...
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Snowmobile safari

Riding a snowmobile through a beautiful winter landscape is a liberating feeling, just like surfing or riding a motorbike. If you haven't tried...
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Skiing on forest skis

Glide smoothly through the natural environment of our beautiful winter landscape with classic skiing. We tailor the tour according to your skiing...
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Snowmobile Safari - Full day

Snowmobile Safari - After the breakfast, our guide will pick you up at the guesthouse. The expedition starts with an educational part where...
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Northern Light Snowmobile

Go on the snowmobile a few kilometers away from the artificial lights. Enjoy the evening under the dancing Aurora Borealis. Enquires clear...
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Ice fishing

Learn the noble art of ice fishing and try the best fishing spots along the river or at small forest lakes in the area. Our experienced fishing...
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Village Walking with fika in a Swedish home

Welcome to take part in the life and history of the village Harads. During the tour you will be able to visit the church and listen to stories...
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Eagle spotting

In the area where we have our hide, golden eagles breed. Here, you can also spot sea eagles. We travel to the hide by snowmobile, with a...
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Sápmi Experience

Reindeer and Sámi culture Meet Anna, a young indigenous Sami woman, living an arctic lifestyle based on reindeer herding. You will...
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Tree Hotel flavor tour - learn & taste Laplands's nature & cultur

Meet Eva Gunnare, culture guide, food connoisseur and specialist in local wild herbs and berries. On this all year tour we have a short walk...
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Reindeer and Sámi handicraft - Duodji

Anna is a young indigenous Sami woman, living an arctic lifestyle based on reindeer herding. Meet her and her fiends, the craftswomen behind...
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Photography in the Taiga (winter)

Starting at Treehotel we take the car to find the best photo locations for the day. The cameras are prepared with telephoto zoom and memory cards...
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Family Fun - winter

  • Activity length: 2,5 hours
  • Period: December-March
  • Level:...
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Naturally high living

We take unique living to a whole new level, literally. Live in an exciting hide-out among the trees, or camouflaged in a birds nest; or even like extraterrestrial life in your very own UFO! However you’re living, rest assure that tranquility and serenity are waiting for you just outside the door.

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Gourmet dinner the local way

Located in Harads, a quaint village with a population of just 600 people, where the tree rooms are found on a sunny southern ridge after a short journey on foot from the reception and into the mystical forest. You can see and almost hear the Lule river’s powerful yet sublime waters flowing nearby if you listen closely over the rustling of leaves and pines. Otherwise there is only the sound of silence and your thoughts, or the conversations you have with your loved.

The restaurant

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