Lovely summer!

Right now the sun never goes under the horizon and we have daylight all night long. The warm shimmery light in the middle of the night is called "the golden hour". Enjoy your treeroom and nature surroundings as long as you want all night.

We offer a wide range of activities, in which you can enjoy the local environment, culture and wildlife. Mooses, reindeer, sleddogs, alpackas, fishing, riding, hiking, yoga and running, paddling, baking traditional local bread, pick berries, forest dinner, dinner by the river, hot tub and sauna... 

You can also experience our partof Swedish Lapland of your own. Treehotel is only about one hour from Luleå, Jokkmokk and Storforsen and about 30 minutes fro the nice cozy town of Boden.

As our guest you can borrow one of our "grandma-bikes" and bring a basket of goodies from the restaurant.

All summer we will have guided tours even for you who are not staying at the hotel, and the restaurant, shop and barbeque evenings open to everyone. 

Very welcome to Treehotel summer 2021!



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